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  Formulator is a tool to help with the creation and validation of web
  forms. Form fields are stored as objects in Zope, in a special Form


  * manage form fields through the Zope management interface.

  * manage field look & feel as well as validation and processing

  * automatic field validation.

  * determine field order and group fields together.

  * easy extensibility with new field types.

  * online help.

  * serialization of form to XML and back.

Installation and Requirements

  See INSTALL.txt for more information on installing Formulator.


  Formulator comes with online help, so click on 'Help!' in the Zope
  management screens. If you want your brain to explode, read the
  'How Formulator Eats its Own Dogfood' help topic.

  Information is also available at the Formulator web site:

  There are also instructions to join the Formulator mailing list there. 
  Discussion about Formulator should preferably happen on the mailing list
  first, though you can always mail me as well. But please consider the
  list if you have questions or suggestions.
  Even more info can be found by reading the source. :)