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    Some optimization. Here are the details: · 1764ba15
    Yoshinori Okuji authored
    * SQLDict_assignMessage.zsql
    Avoid unnecessary assignments. Reduce message size.
    * SQLDict_setPriority.zsql
    Reduce message size.
    * SQLDict_readMessageList.zsql
    Remove unnecessary GROUP BY.
    Add uid into ORDER BY so that messages are enumerated
    mostly in the order of insertions, which potentially reduces
    chances that messages will be reordered later.
    * SQLDict_readMessage.zsql
    Use DISTINCT and GROUP BY, only if necessary.
    Add uid into ORDER BY for the same reason as above.
    * SQLDict_createMessageTable.zsql
    Specify NOT NULL whenever possible to reduce data size.
    Use SMALLINT instead of INT for processing_node to reduce data size.
    Remove useless indexes to reduce the cost of UPDATE.
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