Commit 014f0059 authored by Jérome Perrin's avatar Jérome Perrin

BT: fix diff for ZODB components

parent 841d4a5a
......@@ -5989,7 +5989,11 @@ Business Template is a set of definitions, such as skins, portal types and categ
elif item_name in item_list_3:
# Diff between text objects
if hasattr(new_object, 'getTextContent'): # ZODB component
new_object = new_object.getTextContent()
new_obj_lines = new_object.splitlines()
if hasattr(installed_object, 'getTextContent'):
installed_object = installed_object.getTextContent()
installed_obj_lines = installed_object.splitlines()
diff_list = list(unified_diff(installed_obj_lines, new_obj_lines, tofile=new_bt.getId(), fromfile=installed_bt.getId(), lineterm=''))
if len(diff_list) != 0:
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