Commit 02ef12ac authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

Check incoming data signature.

parent 2a85fcdf
......@@ -14,17 +14,46 @@ else:
import time
class PayzenSOAP:
"""SOAP communication
Methods are returning list of:
* parsed response
* signature check (True or False)
* sent XML
* received XML
SOAP protocol is assumed as untrusted and dangerous, users of those methods
are encouraged to log such messages for future debugging."""
def _check_transcationInfoSignature(self, data):
received_sorted_keys = ['errorCode', 'extendedErrorCode',
'transactionStatus', 'shopId', 'paymentMethod', 'contractNumber',
'orderId', 'orderInfo', 'orderInfo2', 'orderInfo3', 'transmissionDate',
'transactionId', 'sequenceNb', 'amount', 'initialAmount', 'devise',
'cvAmount', 'cvDevise', 'presentationDate', 'type', 'multiplePaiement',
'ctxMode', 'cardNumber', 'cardNetwork', 'cardType', 'cardCountry',
'cardExpirationDate', 'customerId', 'customerTitle', 'customerName',
'customerPhone', 'customerMail', 'customerAddress', 'customerZipCode',
'customerCity', 'customerCountry', 'customerLanguage', 'customerIP',
'transactionCondition', 'vadsEnrolled', 'vadsStatus', 'vadsECI',
'vafdsXID', 'vadsCAVVAlgorithm', 'vadsCAVV', 'vadsSignatureValid',
'directoryServer', 'authMode', 'markAmount', 'markDevise', 'markDate',
'markNb', 'markResult', 'markCVV2_CVC2', 'authAmount', 'authDevise',
'authDate', 'authNb', 'authResult', 'authCVV2_CVC2', 'warrantlyResult',
'captureDate', 'captureNumber', 'rapprochementStatut', 'refoundAmount',
'refundDevise', 'timestamp']
signature = ''
for k in received_sorted_keys:
v = getattr(data, k, None)
if v is not None:
signature += str(v) + '+'
signature += '+'
signature += self.getServicePassword()
signature = hashlib.sha1(signature).hexdigest()
return signature == data.signature
def soap_getInfo(self, transmissionDate, transactionId):
"""Returns getInfo
transmissionDate is "raw" date in format YYYYMMDD, without any marks
transactionId is id of transaction for this date"""
client = suds.client.Client(self.wsdl_link.getUrlString())
......@@ -49,7 +78,8 @@ else:
signature += self.getServicePassword()
kw['wsSignature'] = hashlib.sha1(signature).hexdigest()
data = client.service.getInfo(**kw)
return [data, str(client.last_sent()), str(client.last_received())]
return [data, self._check_transcationInfoSignature(data),
str(client.last_sent()), str(client.last_received())]
class PayzenService(XMLObject, PayzenSOAP):
meta_type = 'Payzen Service'
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