Commit 0a9a8ef5 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

ERP5Catalog: Allow _searchAndActivate to use more from query result.

_searchAndActivate typically calls callMethodOnObjectList with paths as
parameter. The result is that each listed document is loaded, which may
not be required or desired.
select_method_id avoids this loading by calling method_id once per
packet_size with a list of values extracted from catalog result as (first)
parent d8b339cf
......@@ -972,12 +972,17 @@ class CatalogTool (UniqueObject, ZCatalog, CMFCoreCatalogTool, ActiveObject):
This method is configurable (via 'packet_size' & 'activity_count'
parameters) so that it can work efficiently with databases of any size.
'select_method_id', if provided, will be called with partial catalog
results and returned value will be provided to the callable identified by
'method_id' (which will no longer be invoked in the context of a given
document returned by catalog) as first positional argument.
'activate_kw' may specify an active process to collect results.
catalog_kw = dict(kw)
packet_size = catalog_kw.pop('packet_size', 30)
limit = packet_size * catalog_kw.pop('activity_count', 100)
select_method_id = catalog_kw.pop('select_method_id', None)
if min_uid:
catalog_kw['min_uid'] = SimpleQuery(uid=min_uid,
......@@ -993,12 +998,19 @@ class CatalogTool (UniqueObject, ZCatalog, CMFCoreCatalogTool, ActiveObject):
self.activate(activity='SQLQueue', **next_kw) \
._searchAndActivate(method_id,method_args, method_kw,
activate_kw, r[-1].getUid(), **kw)
r = [x.getPath() for x in r]
activate = self.getPortalObject().portal_activities.activate(
activity='SQLQueue', **activate_kw).callMethodOnObjectList
portal_activities = self.getPortalObject().portal_activities
active_portal_activities = portal_activities.activate(
activity='SQLQueue', **activate_kw)
if select_method_id is None:
r = [x.getPath() for x in r]
activate = active_portal_activities.callMethodOnObjectList
method_args = (method_id, ) + method_args
r = getattr(portal_activities, select_method_id)(r)
activate = getattr(active_portal_activities, method_id)
for i in xrange(0, result_count, packet_size):
activate(r[i:i+packet_size], method_id, *method_args, **method_kw)
activate(r[i:i+packet_size], *method_args, **method_kw)
def searchAndActivate(self, *args, **kw):
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