Commit 13c536d2 by Vincent Pelletier

ERP5Form.ProxyField: Fix acquisition path when overriding skin mechanism.

parent 6909d308
Pipeline #7944 passed with stage
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......@@ -460,7 +460,16 @@ class ProxyField(ZMIField):
if candidate_folder is not None:
proxy_form = candidate_folder._getOb(form_id, None)
if proxy_form is not None:
proxy_field = proxy_form._getOb(field_id, None)
# proxy_form was retrieved outside of skin magic, fake the
# acquisition context skin magic would have produced so it
# works the same (ex: for acquired permissions).
# The drawback is that the form the field is actually comming
# from will be harder to identify, but that's just how skins
# work.
proxy_field = aq_base(proxy_form).__of__(portal)._getOb(
if proxy_field is not None:
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