Commit 28e0f0a2 by Gabriel Monnerat

Add test to simulate the issue with the method TemplateTool.installBusinessTempl…


Using the method try to install Business Templates that are already
installed, the Business Templates is uploaded on ERP5 but not used. It
creates a lot of garbage because in the end you have many bt5s not
1 parent c615bc62
......@@ -1317,9 +1317,15 @@ class TemplateTool (BaseTool):
"Impossible to install, please install the following dependencies before: %s" \
% [x[1] for x in missing_dependency_list]
template_url_dict = self._getBusinessTemplateUrlDict()
activate_kw = dict(activity="SQLQueue", tag="start_%s" % (time.time()))
for repository, bt_id in resolved_template_list:
bt = template_url_dict.get(bt_id)
if bt is not None and bt_id in installed_bt5_set:
revision = int(bt['revision'])
installed_bt5 = self.getInstalledBusinessTemplate(bt_id)
if int(installed_bt5.getRevision()) <= revision and only_newer:
bt_url = '%s/%s' % (repository, bt_id)
param_dict = dict(download_url=bt_url, only_newer=only_newer)
if update_catalog is not _MARKER:
......@@ -627,6 +627,21 @@ class TestTemplateTool(ERP5TypeTestCase):
self.assertNotEquals(bt, None)
def test_installBusinessTemplateListFromRepository_ignore_when_installed(self):
"""Check that install one business template, this method does not download
many business templates that are already installed
template_tool = self.portal.portal_templates
# Delete not installed bt5 to check easily if more not installed was
# created
for bt5 in template_tool.getBuiltBusinessTemplateList():
bt5_name_list = ['erp5_calendar']
self.assertEquals(template_tool.getBuiltBusinessTemplateList(), [])
def test_sortBusinessTemplateList(self):
"""Check sorting of a list of business template by their dependencies
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