Commit 2bb168a3 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

Don't use the cache API, as advised by Yoshinori.

git-svn-id: 20353a03-c40f-0410-a6d1-a30d3c3de9de
parent 9d21f91f
......@@ -73,12 +73,14 @@ class WebSite(Domain):
, PropertySheet.WebSite
def _aq_dynamic(self, name):
Try to find a suitable document based on the
web site local naming policies as defined by
the WebSite_getDocument script """
# Use a non recursion variable
cache_key = 'web_site_aq_cache'
request = self.REQUEST
# First let us call the super method
dynamic = Domain._aq_dynamic(self, name)
if dynamic is not None :
......@@ -86,29 +88,28 @@ class WebSite(Domain):
# Do some optimisation here for names which can not be names of documents
if name.startswith('_') or name.startswith('portal_')\
or name.startswith('aq_') or name.startswith('selection_') \
or name.startswith('sort-') or name == 'getLayout':
or name.startswith('sort-') or name == 'getLayout' \
or name == 'getListItemUrl' or name.startswith('WebSite_'):
return None
# Create a non recursion variable
allow_lookup = Cache.getTransactionCache(self)
if not allow_lookup:
allow_lookup = Cache.getTransactionCache(self)
elif allow_lookup.has_key(name):
return allow_lookup[name]
if not request.has_key(cache_key):
request[cache_key] = {}
elif request[cache_key].has_key(name):
return request[cache_key][name]
portal = self.getPortalObject()
# Use the webmaster identity to find documents
user = portal.acl_users.getUserById(self.getWebmaster())
if user is None:
return None
old_manager = getSecurityManager()
newSecurityManager(get_request(), user)
if user is not None:
old_manager = getSecurityManager()
newSecurityManager(get_request(), user)
document = self.WebSite_getDocument(portal, name)
allow_lookup[name] = document
request[cache_key][name] = document
if user is not None:
# Cleanup non recursion dict in case of exception
if allow_lookup.has_key(name):
del allow_lookup[name]
if request[cache_key].has_key(name):
del request[cache_key][name]
return document
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