Commit 2bc408cb authored by Arnaud Fontaine's avatar Arnaud Fontaine

Allow to confirm or cancel the dialog after selecting a workflow action.

Also, allow to check the transition message after the dialog to make sure, and
retry if the check fails and the maximum number of attempts is not 1.

This way, it is possible to confirm an object and check that it has been
confirmed in only one call including retries.
parent b1ac3398
......@@ -65,6 +65,8 @@ def measurementMetaClass(prefix):
ret = method(self, *args, **kwargs)
if ret is None:
return self.lastRequestSeconds
elif isinstance(ret, tuple):
return (self.lastRequestSeconds,) + ret
return (self.lastRequestSeconds, ret)
......@@ -866,7 +868,10 @@ class ContextMainForm(MainForm):
def submitSelectWorkflow(self, label=None, value=None,
maximum_attempt_number=1, sleep_between_attempt=0,
Select and submit a workflow action, given either by its label
......@@ -874,18 +879,35 @@ class ContextMainForm(MainForm):
in I{/Person_viewCreateUserActionDialog?workflow_action=create_user_action},
with C{script_id=Person_viewCreateUserActionDialog}). See L{submitSelect}.
When validating an object, L{submitDialogConfirm} allows to
perform the validation required on the next page.
When validating an object, L{submitDialogConfirm} allows to perform the
validation required on the next page, and can be called directly by
passing the function object in C{dialog_name} parameter.
As the Workflow action may not be available yet, it is possible to set the
maximum number of attempts and the sleep duration between each attempt.
The return value depends on the parameters (see C{timeInSecondDecorator}):
- C{dialog_name} is given:
- If C{maximum_attempt_number} equals to 1:
(show_page_after_dialog_time, show_dialog_time)
- Otherwise:
(show_page_after_dialog_time, show_dialog_time, wait_time)
- Otherwise:
- If C{maximum_attempt_number} equals to 1:
- Otherwise:
(show_dialog_time, wait_time)
@param script_id: Script identifier
@type script_id: str
@param maximum_attempt_number: Number of attempts before failing
@type maximum_attempt_number: int
@param sleep_between_attempt: Sleep N seconds between attempts
@type sleep_between_attempt: int
@param dialog_name: Function to call after the workflow action ('cancel' or 'confirm')
@type dialog_name: str
@param dialog_expected_transition_message: Expected dialog transition message
@type dialog_expected_transition_message: str
url_before = self.browser.url
......@@ -899,15 +921,32 @@ class ContextMainForm(MainForm):
'select_action', 'Base_doAction:method', label,
value and '%s?field_my_workflow_action=%s' % (script_id, value), **kw)
if dialog_name:
show_dialog_time = self.lastRequestSeconds
# TODO: Should it fail completely if the dialog could not be found?
'submitDialog' + dialog_name.capitalize())()
if dialog_expected_transition_message:
transition_message = self.browser.getTransitionMessage()
if transition_message != dialog_expected_transition_message:
raise AssertionError("Expected transition message: %s, got: %s" % \
return show_dialog_time
if maximum_attempt_number == 1:
return tryLegacyAndNew()
show_dialog_time = None
current_attempt_number = 1
while True:
except LookupError:
show_dialog_time = tryLegacyAndNew()
except (AssertionError, LookupError):
if current_attempt_number == maximum_attempt_number:
......@@ -919,7 +958,11 @@ class ContextMainForm(MainForm):
return (current_attempt_number - 1) * sleep_between_attempt
wait_time = (current_attempt_number - 1) * sleep_between_attempt
if show_dialog_time is not None:
return (show_dialog_time, wait_time)
return wait_time
def submitDialogCancel(self):
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