Commit 494f871f by Jérome Perrin

ui_test_core: shift time in Zuite_waitForActivities

For consistency with ERP5TypeTestCase.tic for server side unit test, use
timeShift to simulate a progress in time so that activities scheduled
for executation at a later time ( using activate(at_date=...) ) are
parent 75b39618
from Products.CMFActivity.Activity.Queue import VALIDATION_ERROR_DELAY
def waitForActivities(self, count=1000):
......@@ -7,13 +8,16 @@ def waitForActivities(self, count=1000):
to finish activities.
activity_tool = self.getPortalObject().portal_activities
for x in xrange(count):
while count > 0:
count -= 1
x = activity_tool.getMessageList()
if not x:
return 'Done.'
if all(x.processing_node == -2 for x in x):
activity_tool.process_timer(None, None)
if count % 10 == 0:
activity_tool.timeShift(3 * VALIDATION_ERROR_DELAY)
raise RuntimeError('tic is looping forever.')
def UpdateImage(image):
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