Commit 4ab68161 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

Move comment, and add one.

git-svn-id: 20353a03-c40f-0410-a6d1-a30d3c3de9de
parent c71090c8
......@@ -3766,20 +3766,22 @@ VALUES
ZopeTestCase._print('\n%s ' % message)
LOG('Testing... ',0,message)
# Create some dummy documents
def doCatalog(catalog, document):
catalog.catalogObjectList([document], check_uid=0)
result = catalog(select_expression='reference', uid=document.getUid())
self.assertEqual(len(result), 1)
return result[0].reference
# Create some dummy documents
portal = self.getPortalObject() = FooDocument() = BarDocument()
# Get instances, wrapping them in acquisition context implicitely.
foo =
bar =
# Consistency checks
self.assertTrue(getattr(foo, 'getReference', None) is not None)
self.assertTrue(getattr(bar, 'getReference', None) is None)
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