Commit 4b1a3c0d authored by Bryton Lacquement's avatar Bryton Lacquement

Drop CMFUid's tools

parent 6a88f527
......@@ -1898,16 +1898,6 @@ class PortalGenerator:
addCMFCoreTool('CMF URL Tool', None)
addCMFCoreTool('CMF Workflow Tool', None)
# try to install CMFUid without raising exceptions if not available
addCMFUidTool = p.manage_addProduct['CMFUid'].manage_addTool
except AttributeError:
addCMFUidTool('Unique Id Annotation Tool', None)
addCMFUidTool('Unique Id Generator Tool', None)
addCMFUidTool('Unique Id Handler Tool', None)
def setupMailHost(self, p):
'MailHost', smtp_host='localhost')
......@@ -465,8 +465,10 @@ def synchronizeDynamicModules(context, force=False):
assert tool._p_changed
migrate = True
if portal.hasObject("portal_properties"):
portal._delObject("portal_properties", suppress_events=True)
for portal_id in ("portal_properties", "portal_uidannotation",
"portal_uidgenerator", "portal_uidhandler")
if portal.hasObject(portal_id):
portal._delObject(portal_id, suppress_events=True)
migrate = True
if migrate:
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