Commit 58c5f159 authored by Bryton Lacquement's avatar Bryton Lacquement

Drop CMFDefault's tools

parent a3865bbd
......@@ -1889,18 +1889,26 @@ class PortalGenerator:
addCMFCoreTool('CMF Actions Tool', None)
addCMFCoreTool('CMF Catalog', None)
addCMFCoreTool('CMF Member Data Tool', None)
addCMFCoreTool('CMF Membership Tool', None)
addCMFCoreTool('CMF Registration Tool', None)
addCMFCoreTool('CMF Skins Tool', None)
addCMFCoreTool('CMF Undo Tool', None)
addCMFCoreTool('CMF URL Tool', None)
addCMFCoreTool('CMF Workflow Tool', None)
addCMFDefaultTool = p.manage_addProduct['CMFDefault'].manage_addTool
addCMFDefaultTool('Default Discussion Tool', None)
addCMFDefaultTool('Default Membership Tool', None)
addCMFDefaultTool('Default Registration Tool', None)
addCMFDefaultTool('Default Properties Tool', None)
addCMFDefaultTool('Default Metadata Tool', None)
addCMFDefaultTool('Default Syndication Tool', None)
import sys, imp
m = 'Products.CMFDefault'
if m in sys.modules:
warnings.warn("The usage of Products.CMFDefault is deprecated.\n"
"Please remove it from the Python path.",
m += '.MembershipTool'
sys.modules[m] = m = imp.new_module(m)
# "symlink" CMFDefault's Membership tool to CMFCore's, for migration
# purposes
m.MembershipTool = \
del m
# try to install CMFUid without raising exceptions if not available
......@@ -2226,8 +2234,6 @@ class ERP5Generator(PortalGenerator):
# actions tool
removeActionsFromTool(p.portal_actions, ('folderContents',))
# properties tool
removeActionsFromTool(p.portal_properties, ('configPortal',))
# remove unused action providers
for i in ('portal_registration', 'portal_discussion', 'portal_syndication'):
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ param = '?ignore_layout:int=1' if int(portal.REQUEST.get('ignore_layout', 0)) el
if include_root:
result = [{
'id' : 'root',
'title' : portal.portal_properties.title(),
'title' : portal.title,
'url' : '%s/view%s' % (portal_url, param),
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