Commit 5bd898f0 authored by Sebastien Robin's avatar Sebastien Robin Committed by Georgios Dagkakis

BusinessTemplate: make sure we could modify broken objects before installation

Like we already do for Documents, Tests and Extension, we are soon
going to export as two files various types of document. It's usually
one file for metadata, and one file for the content (code, text).

Sometimes, we might want such kind of two file export for some  bt
having portal type and instance of such portal type in the same time.
In such case, we have some intermediate steps where we have broken
objects, and we need to change theses broken objets before portal
type is fully initialized and installed.
parent 34e13b7e
......@@ -6338,7 +6338,7 @@ class TestBusinessTemplate(BusinessTemplateMixin):
# check both File instances no longer behave like being overriden
self.assertFalse(getattr(portal.another_file, 'isClassOverriden', False))
def test_168_CheckPortalTypeAndPathInSameBusinessTemplate(self):
def test_168_CheckPortalTypeAndPathInSameBusinessTemplate(self, change_broken_object=False):
Make sure we can define a portal type and instance of that portal type
in same bt. It already happened that this failed with error :
......@@ -6353,6 +6353,9 @@ class TestBusinessTemplate(BusinessTemplateMixin):
bt =
foo_in_bt = bt._path_item._objects["foo"]
if change_broken_object:
foo_in_bt.__Broken_state__["title"] = "FooBar"
foo_in_bt._p_changed = 1
# Force evaluation of a method to force unghosting of the class
getattr(foo_in_bt, "getTitle", None)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(foo_in_bt, ERP5BaseBroken))
......@@ -6362,8 +6365,19 @@ class TestBusinessTemplate(BusinessTemplateMixin):
foo_in_portal =
self.assertFalse(isinstance(foo_in_portal, ERP5BaseBroken))
self.assertEqual("Foo", foo_in_portal.getPortalType())
if change_broken_object:
self.assertEqual("FooBar", getattr(foo_in_portal, "title"))
def test_169_CheckPortalTypeAndPathInSameBusinessTemplateAndBrokenObjectModification(self):
Make sure we have possibility to change broken
objects, such possibility is needed when document are exported
as separated file (one for metadata, one for the content, often
use for anything containing text or code)
def test_type_provider(self):
self.portal.newContent(id='dummy_type_provider', portal_type="Types Tool")
type_provider = self.portal.dummy_type_provider
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