Commit 7093c2a5 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

ERP5Form.Listbox: Modernise getSelectedColumnList

Avoid double-calls when one is enough.
Avoid unused locals.
Avoid repeating conditions.
Inline single-use expressions.
parent f0890d93
......@@ -1094,33 +1094,32 @@ class ListBoxRenderer:
def getSelectedColumnList(self):
"""Return the list of selected columns.
column_list = []
default_listbox_display_style = self.getDefaultDisplayStyle()
listbox_display_style = self.getListboxDisplayStyle()
dynamic_column_list_override = (self.getDisplayedColumnIdList() != None)
list_style_column_change_required = listbox_display_style not in ('', DEFAULT_LISTBOX_DISPLAY_STYLE,)
if dynamic_column_list_override:
displayed_column_id_list = self.getDisplayedColumnIdList()
if displayed_column_id_list is not None:
# dynamically setting columns is supported
#Create a dict to make a easy search
available_column_dict = {x[0]: x for x in self.getAllColumnList()}
# We check columns are present
for id in self.getDisplayedColumnIdList():
column_list = []
for id in displayed_column_id_list:
except KeyError:
raise AttributeError, "Column %s is not avaible" % id
elif list_style_column_change_required and not dynamic_column_list_override:
raise AttributeError("Column %s is not avaible" % (id, ))
return column_list
elif listbox_display_style not in ('', DEFAULT_LISTBOX_DISPLAY_STYLE):
# no dynamically setting of columns happens , still we have different than default
# listbox list style so try to get columns from 'More columns'
list_style_prefix = "%s_" %listbox_display_style
for column in self.getStyleColumnList():
if column[1].startswith(list_style_prefix):
column_list.append((column[0],column[1].replace(list_style_prefix, '',)))
column_list = self.getSelectionTool().getSelectionColumns(self.getSelectionName(),
columns = self.getColumnList(),
REQUEST = self.request)
return column_list
list_style_prefix = "%s_" % listbox_display_style
return [
(x[0], x[1].replace(list_style_prefix, ''))
for x in self.getStyleColumnList()
if x[1].startswith(list_style_prefix)
return self.getSelectionTool().getSelectionColumns(
def getColumnAliasList(self):
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