Commit 81b2a1de authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Publish Folder.recursiveReindexObject

With the removal of Folder_reindexAll, it has become laborious to reindex
a whole module, and it was often done in an unsafe way (create a dummy wrapper
script in custom skin folder, without thinking about security).
parent bf9df74f
......@@ -1303,8 +1303,11 @@ class Folder(OFSFolder2, CMFBTreeFolder, CMFHBTreeFolder, Base, FolderMixIn):
)(*args, **kw)
def recursiveReindexObject(self, activate_kw=None, **kw):
"""Recursively indexes the content of self.
if self.isAncestryIndexable():
kw, activate_kw = self._getReindexAndActivateParameterDict(
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