Commit 84af2291 authored by Ivan Tyagov's avatar Ivan Tyagov

Make it possible to specify interval as float which allows to use also fractions of a second.

It is usable for activity nodes where we need activity processing (i.e.
tic) to happen much faster that normally (default is 5 seconds).

It has been successfully used in a production system for months (and big dev instance)  despite not done in generic line now proposed.

@nexedi , any objections for not having this in a generic ERP5's timerservice?

/reviewed-on !562
parent 4d47c5ab
......@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@
<sectiontype name="timer-server"
<key name="interval" datatype="integer" default="600">
<key name="interval" datatype="float" default="600">
Interval in seconds.
Interval in seconds. Supports fractions of a second.
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