Commit 875473d3 authored by Romain Courteaud's avatar Romain Courteaud

Prevent passing frame parameter twice.

parent ab5d4dd9
......@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ class OOoDocument(OOoDocumentExtensibleTraversableMixin, BaseConvertableFileMixi
return response_dict['mime'], Pdata(dec(response_dict['data']))
# Conversion API
def _convert(self, format, display=None, quality=_MARKER, **kw):
def _convert(self, format, display=None, quality=_MARKER, frame=0, **kw):
"""Convert the document to the given format.
If a conversion is already stored for this format, it is returned
......@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ class OOoDocument(OOoDocumentExtensibleTraversableMixin, BaseConvertableFileMixi
# we care for first page only but as well for image quality
mime, data = temp_image.convert(original_format, display=display, frame=0, quality=quality, **kw)
mime, data = temp_image.convert(original_format, display=display, frame=frame, quality=quality, **kw)
# store conversion
if display is None:
self.setConversion(data, mime, format=original_format)
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