Commit 8e466cc6 authored by Sebastien Robin's avatar Sebastien Robin Committed by Georgios Dagkakis

template tool: make sure to not parse a list while removing content of that list

parent 2b6a12f2
......@@ -462,7 +462,8 @@ class TemplateTool (BaseTool):
return self.getFilteredDiff(diff).toHTML()
def _cleanUpTemplateFolder(self, folder_path):
for file_object in os.listdir(folder_path):
file_object_list = [x for x in os.listdir(folder_path)]
for file_object in file_object_list:
file_object_path = os.path.join(folder_path, file_object)
if os.path.isfile(file_object_path):
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