Commit a032230c by Nicolas Wavrant

DomainTool: list predicate values if more than one match

Also remove explanation_only which is dead code
parent 2df4b71f
......@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ class DomainTool(BaseTool):
# (some users are not able to see resource's price)
def generateMultivaluedMappedValue(self, context, test=1,
predicate_list=None, explanation_only=0, **kw):
predicate_list=None, **kw):
We will generate a mapped value with the list of all predicates
......@@ -320,22 +320,13 @@ class DomainTool(BaseTool):
if predicate_list:
from Products.ERP5Type.Document import newTempSupplyCell
mapped_value_property_dict = defaultdict(list)
explanation_dict = defaultdict(dict)
# Look for each property the first predicate with unique criterion
# categories which defines the property
for predicate in predicate_list:
full_prop_dict = explanation_dict[
for mapped_value_property in predicate.getMappedValuePropertyList():
if mapped_value_property in full_prop_dict:
# we already have one value for this (categories, property)
value = predicate.getProperty(mapped_value_property)
if value is not None:
full_prop_dict[mapped_value_property] = value
if explanation_only:
return dict(explanation_dict)
mapped_value = newTempSupplyCell(self.getPortalObject(),
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