Commit a27c40b6 authored by Arnaud Fontaine's avatar Arnaud Fontaine

Add missing initialization of SVN_UP_REV and SVN_CHANGED_REV

parent 5c187338
......@@ -33,6 +33,9 @@ import threading
from testnode import SubprocessError
SVN_UP_REV = re.compile(r'^(?:At|Updated to) revision (\d+).$')
SVN_CHANGED_REV = re.compile(r'^Last Changed Rev.*:\s*(\d+)', re.MULTILINE)
_format_command_search = re.compile("[[\\s $({?*\\`#~';<>&|]").search
_format_command_escape = lambda s: "'%s'" % r"'\''".join(s.split("'"))
def format_command(*args, **kw):
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