Commit a6e1d433 authored by Arnaud Fontaine's avatar Arnaud Fontaine

py3: pylint: Fix `six` false positive errors (see pylint/astroid related patches in SlapOS).

* past.builtins:
  portal_skins/erp5_core/Base_sortObjectListLikeSQL:0:2:Redefining built-in 'cmp' (redefined-builtin)
* six and six.moves imports:
  + portal_skins/erp5_core/Base_updateListboxSelection:0:2:Redefining built-in 'basestring' (redefined-builtin)
  + portal_skins/erp5_core/ERP5Site_checkDataWithScript:20:2:Redefining built-in 'xrange' (redefined-builtin),
parent 4115e465
......@@ -507,7 +507,11 @@ def checkPythonSourceCode(source_code_str, portal_type=None):
# 'Access to a protected member %s of a client class'
# string module does not only contain deprecated functions...
# The default considers only six.moves, let's consider six module
# completely to avoid `Redefining built-in 'basestring'` for example
if portal_type == 'Interface Component':
# __init__ method from base class %r is not called
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