Commit b99c9ba7 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Sort catalog properties during BT installation

parent c9f102d7
......@@ -4266,11 +4266,9 @@ class CatalogKeyTemplateItemBase(BaseTemplateItem):
setattr(catalog, self.key_list_attr, catalog_key_list)
def _getUpdatedCatalogKeyList(self, catalog_key_list, new_key_list):
catalog_key_list = list(catalog_key_list) # copy
for key in new_key_list:
if key not in catalog_key_list:
return catalog_key_list
catalog_key_set = set(catalog_key_list) # copy
return sorted(catalog_key_set)
def uninstall(self, context, **kw):
catalog = _getCatalogValue(self)
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