Commit cac06a88 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

BusinessTemplate: fix removal of allowed types on already removed portal types

parent 30470464
......@@ -2335,11 +2335,13 @@ class PortalTypeAllowedContentTypeTemplateItem(BaseTemplateItem):
if action == 'nothing':
portal_id = key.split('/')[-1]
property_list = self._objects.get(key, [])
type_information = types_tool.getTypeInfo(portal_id)
if type_information is None:
if not property_list:
raise AttributeError, "Portal type '%s' not found while " \
"installing %s" % (portal_id, self.getTitle())
property_list = self._objects.get(key, [])
old_property_list = old_objects.get(key, ())
object_property_list = getattr(type_information, self.class_property, ())
# merge differences between portal types properties
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