Commit ccb885b0 authored by Ivan Tyagov's avatar Ivan Tyagov

Use proper Cache Plugin API. Use sessions (which can be distributed with

proper cache plugin) rather than local dict.
parent 89986851
......@@ -143,28 +143,21 @@ class CaptchaWidget(Widget.TextWidget):
A widget that displays a Captcha.
def __init__(self):
# Associate a captcha key and (the right answer, the generation date)
self.__captcha_cache = {}
def add_captcha(self, key, value):
# First, cleanup the cache
cleanup_time = time.time() - 3600
for item in self.__captcha_cache.items():
if item[1][1] < cleanup_time:
# Then add the value if needed
if self.__captcha_cache.has_key(key):
def add_captcha(self, portal_sessions, key, value):
session = portal_sessions[key]
if session.has_key(key):
return False
self.__captcha_cache[key] = (str(value), time.time())
return True
def validate_answer(self, key, value):
if not(self.__captcha_cache.has_key(key)):
session[key] = value
return True
def validate_answer(self, portal_sessions, key, value):
session = portal_sessions[key]
if not(session.has_key(key)):
return False
result = (self.__captcha_cache[key][0] == value)
del(self.__captcha_cache[key]) # Forbid several use of the same captcha.
result = (session[key] == value)
# Forbid several use of the same captcha.
return result
property_names = Widget.Widget.property_names + ['captcha_type']
......@@ -185,11 +178,11 @@ class CaptchaWidget(Widget.TextWidget):
captcha_key = None
captcha_field = None
captcha_type = field.get_value("captcha_type")
provider = CaptchaProviderFactory.getProvider(captcha_type)
(captcha_key, captcha_answer) = provider.generate(field)
while not(self.add_captcha(, captcha_answer)):
portal_sessions = field.getPortalObject().portal_sessions
while not(self.add_captcha(portal_sessions,, captcha_answer)):
(captcha_key, captcha_answer) = provider.generate(field)
captcha_field = provider.getHTML(field, captcha_key)
......@@ -222,8 +215,8 @@ class CaptchaValidator(Validator.Validator):
def validate(self, field, key, REQUEST):
value = REQUEST.get(key, None)
cache_key = REQUEST.get("__captcha_" + key + "__")
if not(CaptchaWidgetInstance.validate_answer(cache_key, value)):
portal_sessions = field.getPortalObject().portal_sessions
if not(CaptchaWidgetInstance.validate_answer(portal_sessions, cache_key, value)):
self.raise_error('wrong_captcha', field)
return value
......@@ -215,7 +215,8 @@ class SessionTool(BaseTool):
if session_duration is None:
# set session duration (this is used from backend storage machinery for expire purposes)
session_duration = self.portal_caches[SESSION_CACHE_FACTORY].objectValues()[0].cache_duration
cache_plugin = self.portal_caches[SESSION_CACHE_FACTORY].objectValues()[0]
session_duration = cache_plugin.getCacheDuration()
storage_plugin.set(session_id, SESSION_SCOPE, session, session_duration)
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