Commit e5ebd46a authored by Bryton Lacquement's avatar Bryton Lacquement

ERP5Site: stop registering CMFDefault's Images directory

parent 6f8f316d
......@@ -2235,35 +2235,14 @@ class ERP5Generator(PortalGenerator):
# this lists only the skin layers of Products.CMFDefault we are actually
# interested in.
def addCMFDefaultDirectoryViews(self, p):
"""Semi-manually create DirectoryViews since CMFDefault 2.X no longer
registers the "skins" directory, only its subdirectories, making it
unusable with Products.CMFCore.DirectoryView.addDirectoryViews."""
from Products.CMFCore.DirectoryView import createDirectoryView, _generateKey
import Products.CMFDefault
ps = p.portal_skins
# get the layer directories actually present
for cmfdefault_skin_layer in self.CMFDEFAULT_FOLDER_LIST:
reg_key = _generateKey(Products.CMFDefault.__name__,
'skins/' + cmfdefault_skin_layer)
createDirectoryView(ps, reg_key)
def setupDefaultSkins(self, p):
ps = p.portal_skins
# Set the 'custom' layer a high priority, so it remains the first
# layer when installing new business templates.
ps['custom'].manage_addProperty("business_template_skin_layer_priority", 100.0, "float")
skin_folder_list = [ 'custom'
, 'external_method'
skin_folders = ', '.join(skin_folder_list)
skin_folders = ', '.join(['custom', 'external_method'])
ps.addSkinSelection( 'View'
, skin_folders
, make_default = 1
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