Commit e681ea49 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

Avoid scanning the whole list of active processes related to an alarm when we...

Avoid scanning the whole list of active processes related to an alarm when we just want the most recent one.
When alarm is currently runing, skip latest active result to display the previous one: this way, we display the result of a complete run. This is more consistent for alarms checking big quantities of documents in multiple activities and only displaying an error when one is actualy encountered (an error at the end of a processing batch would be hidden when the next batch starts processing).

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parent b0d76b1c
......@@ -331,6 +331,7 @@ class Alarm(XMLObject, PeriodicityMixin):
The process parameter can be used to retrive sense values for
past processes.
If it is None, it will return the status of last completed active result.
method_id = self.getSenseMethodId()
if process is None:
......@@ -479,16 +480,16 @@ Alarm URL: %s
This returns the last active process finished. So it will
not returns the current one
active_process_list = self.getCausalityRelatedValueList(
portal_type='Active Process')
def sort_date(a, b):
return cmp(a.getStartDate(), b.getStartDate())
if len(active_process_list) > 0:
return active_process_list[-1]
return None
limit = self.isActive() and 2 or 1
active_process_list = self.getPortalObject().portal_catalog(
portal_type='Active Process', limit=limit,
sort_on=(('creation_date', 'DESC'), ),
if len(active_process_list) < limit:
process = None
process = active_process_list[-1].getObject()
return process
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