Commit edf83677 authored by Yusei Tahara's avatar Yusei Tahara

Add a test and make sure that split and defer works after accept decision.

parent 82115e56
......@@ -208,3 +208,68 @@ class TestERP5Simulation(TestPackingListMixin, ERP5TypeTestCase):
sequence_list.addSequenceString(sequence_string), quiet=quiet)
def stepIncreasePackingListLineQuantity1000(self, sequence=None, sequence_list=None, **kw):
self._modifyPackingListLineQuantity(sequence, sequence_list, 1000.0)
def stepCheckPackingListSplittedForTest02(self, sequence=None, sequence_list=None, **kw):
Test if packing list was splitted
order = sequence.get('order')
packing_list_list = order.getCausalityRelatedValueList(
packing_list1 = None
packing_list2 = None
for packing_list in packing_list_list:
if packing_list.getUid() == sequence.get('packing_list').getUid():
packing_list1 = packing_list
packing_list2 = packing_list
for line in packing_list1.objectValues(
portal_type= self.packing_list_line_portal_type):
for line in packing_list2.objectValues(
portal_type= self.packing_list_line_portal_type):
def test_02_splitAndDeferAfterAcceptDecision(self, quiet=quiet, run=run_all_test):
Change the quantity on an delivery line, then
see if the packing list is divergent and then
accept decision, then change the quantity again
and see if the packing list is divergent and then
split and defer the packing list and then see
if two packing lists has correct quantity and
they are not diverged.
if not run: return
sequence_list = SequenceList()
# Test with a simply order without cell
sequence_string = self.default_sequence + '\
stepIncreasePackingListLineQuantity1000 \
stepCheckPackingListIsCalculating \
stepTic \
stepCheckPackingListIsDiverged \
stepAcceptDecisionQuantity \
stepCheckPackingListIsCalculating \
stepTic \
stepCheckPackingListIsNotDivergent \
stepCheckPackingListIsSolved \
stepDecreasePackingListLineQuantity10 \
stepCheckPackingListIsCalculating \
stepTic \
stepCheckPackingListIsDiverged \
stepSplitAndDeferPackingList \
stepCheckSolverIsSolving \
stepTic \
stepCheckPackingListSplittedForTest02 \
stepCheckPackingListIsSolved \
stepCheckSolverIsSolved \
sequence_list.addSequenceString(sequence_string), quiet=quiet)
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