Commit f06bd55f authored by Romain Courteaud's avatar Romain Courteaud

WIP [ERP5] TaskDistribution: start a random test instead of looking for the smaller int_index

This prevent getting DB read/write conflicts
parent a17d77aa
......@@ -231,18 +231,26 @@ class TaskDistributionTool(BaseTool):
if test_result.getSimulationState() != 'started':
started_list = []
for line in test_result.objectValues(portal_type="Test Result Line",
# Look for a test to run
# As many nodes may call this function at the same time,
# fetching all lines will create read/write DB conflicts
# To prevent this, randomize the list of documents to check
# and stop as soon as one test to run is found
line_id_list = [x for x in test_result.objectIds()]
for line_id in line_id_list:
line = test_result[line_id]
if (line.getPortalType() != 'Test Result Line'):
test = line.getTitle()
if test not in exclude_list:
state = line.getSimulationState()
test = line.getRelativeUrl(), test
if state == 'draft':
if line.getSimulationState() == 'draft':
if node_title:
node = self._getTestNodeRelativeUrl(node_title)
return test
return line.getRelativeUrl(), test
def stopUnitTest(self, test_path, status_dict, node_title=None):
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