Commit f3fe7a50 authored by Kazuhiko Shiozaki's avatar Kazuhiko Shiozaki

xhtml_style: simplify logged_out page template.

parent 9eab4dc7
......@@ -36,21 +36,9 @@
<key> <string>_text</string> </key>
<value> <unicode encoding="cdata"><![CDATA[
<tal:block xmlns:tal=""\n
<tal:block replace="nothing">\n
XXX: this page is just for backward compatibility. The log_out action sould lead to the login page with the correct transition message.\n
<tal:block metal:use-macro="here/main_template/macros/master">\n
<tal:block metal:fill-slot="main">\n
<tal:block tal:define="dummy python:request.RESPONSE.redirect(\'%s/login_form?portal_status_message=%s\' % (url, here.Base_translateString(\'You have been logged out.\')))" />\n
<tal:block xmlns:tal="">\n
<tal:block tal:define="dummy python:request.RESPONSE.redirect(\'%s?portal_status_message=%s\' % (here.absolute_url(), here.Base_translateString(\'You have been logged out.\')))" />\n
]]></unicode> </value>
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