1. 31 Oct, 2019 3 commits
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      ZODB Components: Enable checking of imports with pylint. · 1cb2dc4c
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      Until now it was disabled which means that if Component A imports Component B
      and the latter is not in {validated,modified} state, Component A could be
      validated without raising any error and failed at execution time.
      As this relies on Pylint transform/hook and avoiding monkey patch as much
      as possible, make Products.ERP5Type.patches.pylint available for Python3 (not
      actually tested with ERP5 but no AttributeError nor ImportError with Python3
      with this code).
      Also, allow developer to call validate action from 'modified' state to handle
      import use case:
        1. Edit A which raises an error stating that B.
        2. Fix B and validate it.
        3. Validate again A without requiring a modification of {reference,version,text_content}.
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      ZODB Components: Source code was checked even when setting... · 88a03532
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      ZODB Components: Source code was checked even when setting text_content_{error,warning}_message_list properties.
      So only check source code and validate when _set{TextContent,Reference,Version}
      are called and remove wildcards.
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      ZODB Components: Add 'Origin' (source_reference) field showing from which FS... · cf632afb
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      ZODB Components: Add 'Origin' (source_reference) field showing from which FS module it was imported.
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      ZODB Components: Do not validate nor check {consistency,source code} after importing from FS. · 799da311
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      * pylint may return a false positive error which have to be disabled and
        failing to import it because of that requires to edit on the FS and try
        again so it is not practical for a whole Product. Instead it is easier
        to import it and not validate
      * Validation was done only for 'Test Component' and 'Extension Component',
        but all imported Components had their consistency and source code checked
        and this is not consistent to not validate but do these checks.
      * importFromFilesystem() was checking consistency and source code, and this
        was done again when validating.
      So leave the imported ZODB Components as draft and let the developer fixes
      issues upon validation before committing.
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      test_result: tolerate buildout section ids with - · f20d2689
      Jérome Perrin authored
      parsing of reference in TestResult_getTestSuiteData did not handle
      properly buildout section ids with -, this was causing
        File "Script (Python)", line 30, in TestResult_getTestSuiteData
          buildout_section_id_and_commits_count, revision = repository_string.split('-')
        ValueError: too many values to unpack
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      test_result: support test suite repositories named .*-repository · e0679d32
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Their reference will not have the -repository prefix, so
      TestResult_getTestSuiteData should do similar processing to find the
      corresponding test suite repositories from reference.
  9. 16 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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      ZODB Components: List of migratable 'Module Components' in Products.XXX.*... · f675c0fb
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      ZODB Components: List of migratable 'Module Components' in Products.XXX.* should include any kind of objects and not only modules.
      This fixes Products.ERP5VCS.Git module not being displayed because
      Products.ERP5VCS.__init__ only imports one of its class and not the whole
      module (and the module was not imported anywhere else too) so it was not in
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