1. 16 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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    • Vincent Pelletier's avatar
      all: Remove recursiveImmediateReindexObject, and references to it. · c0b284be
      Vincent Pelletier authored
      This method does not belong to Folder (nor Base, even as an alias), as
      it recurses wihout any limit in a tree whose node count is unknown.
      Such generic recursion should either be deferred (split in multiple
      transactions, each processing a limited chunk of the tree) or not be
      recursive (which of course depends on the need).
      There is a single caller left (constructInstance) where the subtree size
      is assumed to be reasonable, as it was constructed inside current
      transaction. So essentially rename this method so it is only used in such
  3. 03 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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    • Julien Muchembled's avatar
      tests: clean up code related to configuration of cloudooo/memcached connectors · f84f4cdb
      Julien Muchembled authored
      - The conversion server is supposed to be configured in a system preference,
        so do this instead of using a normal preference.
      - _getConversionServerDict -> _getConversionServerUrl, to make clear that
        cloudooo is now configured by a url, instead of a host/port couple.
      - Refactoring: From the moment where setUpERP5Site() sets up things
        automatically, we don't the "same" duplicated code throughout many test to
        redo cloudooo configuration.
      - In the promise file, the volatile/persistent memcached url were swapped.
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    • Ayush Tiwari's avatar
      ERP5 Subcategory: Remove '_'(underscore) from 'multiple_selection' subcategory... · 1075a315
      Ayush Tiwari authored
      ERP5 Subcategory: Remove '_'(underscore) from 'multiple_selection' subcategory in elmentary_type category.
      Subcategory 'multiple_selection' has been renamed to 'multiple selection' to maintain consistency.
      Earlier, whenever a new StandardCategory object was created with property_type 'multiple selection',
      one needed to change the elementary type explicilty to use it to generate property setters and getters.
      The example for this can be seen from this commit:
      After this change, in the view, property type field couldn't recognize the property and displays
      (???multiple selection).
      Also, everywhere in erp5, list_types do mention 'multiple selction' and not 'multiple_selection'.
      So, its better to maintain consistency in naming the subcategory.
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    • Kazuhiko Shiozaki's avatar
      use fulltext search in title and description. · d47df833
      Kazuhiko Shiozaki authored
      * to quickly setup catalog_full_text table, you can use the following SQL.
        REPLACE INTO catalog_full_text SELECT uid, title, description FROM catalog;
      * non fulltext queries like '=abc', '>abc', '%abc%' are supported.
      * now erp5_full_text_mroonga_catalog is used for unit tests thus I recommend using it instead of erp5_full_text_myisam_catalog.
      * to migrate existing MyISAM full_text table into Mroonga, you can use the following SQL.
        ALTER TABLE full_text DROP KEY SearchableText,
          ENGINE = mroonga,
          ADD FULLTEXT KEY SearchableText (`SearchableText`) COMMENT 'parser "TokenBigramSplitSymbolAlpha"';
      * fulltext search score is no longer provided as (column_name) but now provided as (column_name)__score__.
      * (category)_title, like source_title, related keys are automatically generated. (category)_description keys as well.
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    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      Revert 3 latest commits · 228e3f79
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Revert "Test deferred style with converting to a format"
      This reverts commit cbfa8d56.
      -> pushed by mistake
      Revert "Set cloudoo on preferences in ERP5TypeTestCase"
      This reverts commit 28824962.
      -> pushed by mistake
      Revert "Listbox from Folder_viewWorkflowActionDialog has hidden columns"
      This reverts commit 802d3f53.
      -> a test is failing
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