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    • Vincent Pelletier's avatar
      erp5_trade_renderjs_ui_test: Tic after deleting documents. · fea57588
      Vincent Pelletier authored
      Especially important as the deleted document has an hard-coded ID which gets reused - as is the case here.
      It may not be a good idea to hardcode such ids in tests too, but I cannot judge at a glance.
      /cc @romain
      /reviewed-on !1020
    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      Small fixes to ZODB history tab · 626b75c1
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Assorted fixes for minor issues with ZODB History tab:
      1. When viewing history of a website or websection in the "backoffice" interface, clicking on *View ZODB History* does not keep the `ignore_layout:int=1` request parameter that forces displaying the forms in the *View* skin selection.
      2. Fix using ZODB history for documents with binary properties, such as `data` property on images and files. Instead of failing with unicode error, just display "(binary)". 
      3. Put the link field in center group, forms with only fields in left group and nothing in right group have a border only on the left side. ( this is  https://www.erp5.com/documentation/developer/guideline/module/erp5-Guideline.Module.Creation/#listbox-only-tabs-should-have-a-read-only-title-in-center-group )
      see before:
      and after:
      /reviewed-on !512
    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      pdm: Enable content translation for resources and transformations · 79da3453
      Jérome Perrin authored
      This is enabled for title and description only, because that's usually
      what we put on "external" documents such as invoices.
      By "resource" here it means products, services, components and their
      individual variations
      In short, change the translation configuration from 
      /reviewed-on !515
    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      Fix broken tests after !1011 · 74f09af3
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Fix broken tests after !1011 it was merged too fast.
      /reviewed-on !1018
    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      xhtml_style: don't allow google translate · 72a2977a
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Some users have been using google chrome builtin translation system with
      ERP5 back office (xhtml style), but the way google translation changes
      the DOM sometimes break ERP5 interface.
      This also have data privacy issue as this translation is done on google
      https://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-translate-flag recommends
      using translate=no but the approach of the meta tag might be preferable
      for our case as it prevents sending the page content to translation
      /reviewed-on !879