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    • Sebastien Robin's avatar
      task_distribution: better distribute the work depending on the priority of test suites · 245e514a
      Sebastien Robin authored
      Before we were looking only create date of test results to give priority of work to do for a test nodes.
      So we had cases where some test suites with medium priority had 5 testnodes, and test suites with
      high priority having only 3 testnodes.
      So clearly distribute the work depending on the maximum quantity of testnode we want.
    • Sebastien Robin's avatar
      test result: immediately redraft test result line on task failure · fe3bf27f
      Sebastien Robin authored
      Right now we have this scenario:
      - test result line is started
      - sometimes, runTestSuite fails (like timeout), failure is reported
        but test result line remains started (we don't know yet which
        line is associated with testnode)
      - when a test result line is "started" since more than 4 hours,
        test result line is redrafted
      - test can be reexecuted
      Speed up by removing the need of waiting alarm, by knowing which
      test result line is executed by which test node, and by redrafting
      immediately the test result line on test node failure
    • Vincent Pelletier's avatar
      ERP5Type: Allow overriding _getAcquireLocalRoles . · 58d4ab8e
      Vincent Pelletier authored
      Put auto-generated _getAcquireLocalRoles at the end of mro, removing it
      from Base.
      Also, document why it is treated specially here.
      Also, add _getAcquireLocalRoles methods on a few leaf classes whose
      instances fake being portal types, without actually being proper document
      instances. At least, the ones which are detected in unit tests. The
      proper fix would likely rather be to make them proper document classes,
      but this carries data migration concerns which go beyond the scope of
      this regression fix (_getAcquireLocalRoles was not possible to override
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    • Vincent Pelletier's avatar
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