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    • Vincent Pelletier's avatar
      CMFActivity.ActivityTool: Set exc_type default value. · 3123e1a9
      Vincent Pelletier authored
      This property is only conditionally set, which causes distracting error
      when something goes wrong. If we really want to check that the expected
      code path was followed there has to be a better check and a more debugging-
      friendly error than an AttributeError.
    • Vincent Pelletier's avatar
      CMFActivity.Activity.SQLBase: Tolerate group_id set without a grouping_method_id. · e80c4f06
      Vincent Pelletier authored
      While such activity parameter combination does not make sense, it is
      technically possible to spawn activities with a group_id set but without a
      The consequence is zombie activities: they never fail, do not prevent other
      activities from being executed, but and are permanently run on the node
      which reserved more than one because:
      - all but one activity is in MESSAGE_NOT_EXECUTED state, forcing an abort
      - finalizeMessageExecution does not understand that MESSAGE_NOT_EXECUTED
        activities may not have failed, and itself fail while trying to detect
        the failure type (ConflictError vs. others), failing to free & postpone
        the activity, in turn failing to bring it to eventually permanent failure
      Make those conditions consistent, and use tuple-unpacking to detect any
      future inconsistency much earlier, simplifying debugging.
    • Vincent Pelletier's avatar
      CMFActivity.Activity.SQLBase: Expect group_method_id to always be a string. · 5a45b0e1
      Vincent Pelletier authored
      group_method_id column is declared "NOT NULL", so it can only be None if
      getProcessableMessageList could not find any activity, in which case this
      code is not executed ("if message_list" is false).
      This simplifies two "if" statements.
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    • Arnaud Fontaine's avatar
      erp5_simulation_fast_input: Solve Divergences dialog: Display all divergences... · 184762cc
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      erp5_simulation_fast_input: Solve Divergences dialog: Display all divergences in a single ListBox page.
      This dialog and its JS gadget does not handle multiple pages ListBox (because
      gadget_solve_divergence_dialog.js assumes that the view is the last part of
      the URL) and this is not actually needed (customer seldom goes over the
      previous limit to 20 anyway).
      How to reproduce:
        1. Create >20 divergences (20 lines per page used to be displayed).
        2. Go to Solve Divergences dialog:
           => gadget_solve_divergence_dialog.js:
              -> location.pathname == /erp5/purchase_order_module/42/Delivery_solveDivergenceAction.
                 -> basedir=/erp5/purchase_order_module/42.
                    => /erp5/purchase_order_module/42/Delivery_getSolveDivergenceDialogParameterFormBox XHR'ed: OK.
        3. Go to any other ListBox page:
           => gadget_solve_divergence_dialog.js:
              -> location.pathname == /erp5/purchase_order_module/42.
                 -> basedir=/erp5/purchase_order_module.
                    =>/erp5/purchase_order_module/Delivery_getSolveDivergenceDialogParameterFormBox XHR'ed: NOK:
                         Module script, line 4, in Delivery_getSolveDivergenceDialogParameterFormBox
                           - <PythonScript at /erp5/Delivery_getSolveDivergenceDialogParameterFormBox used for /erp5/purchase_order_module>
                           - Line 4
                           solver_process = context.getSolverValueList()[-1]
                       AttributeError: getSolverValueList
    • Arnaud Fontaine's avatar
      erp5_simulation_fast_input: Solve Divergences dialog: Handle error when... · 570a689d
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      erp5_simulation_fast_input: Solve Divergences dialog: Handle error when XHR'ing Solver configuration fails.
      When user clicks on the radio button to Accept Decision for example,
      Delivery_getSolveDivergenceDialogParameterFormBox is called (XHR) and when it
      failed, the 'Solve Divergences' button was disappearing and nothing was
      displayed to end-user.
  12. 10 Jul, 2019 1 commit
    • Arnaud Fontaine's avatar
      erp5_ace_editor: Removed. · 94a179a6
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      * Not updated for many years (CodeMirror has since replaced it).
      * There are now 2 other better source code editors (CodeMirror and Monaco).
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