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    • Julien Muchembled's avatar
      Optimize WorkflowHistoryList · 1ca655a3
      Julien Muchembled authored
      This is done by inheriting most of the code of ConflictFreeLog,
      i.e. using a doubly-linked list:
      - for fast iteration of the first elements, and in particular
        immediate access to the first element (used for creation date);
      - that keeps track of the history length;
      - that implement fast reverse iteration (although it could
        have been done without changing the data structure).
      The size of buckets is not fixed anymore to 16 items:
      like ConflictFreeLog, WorkflowHistoryList is also a good candidate
      to look at the estimated serialized size of the bucket in order to
      decide if elements should be added to a new one or not.
      Then developers won't have to care about using Pdata or not.
      The size is bigger than the ConflictFreeLog default,
      because workflow items look a lot alike and adding
      a few more is cheap when the ZODB compresses.
      No more optimized __getstate__ (except for workflow histories that
      have not been migrated) so BT export will be a bit more verbose.
      The BBB code is because of
      /reviewed-on !941
    • Ivan Tyagov's avatar
      Default ERP5 instanciation uses following schema for naming all zope nodes: · 0a66e514
      Ivan Tyagov authored
        <family_name>-0..9 when number of nodes <= 10
        <family_name>-01..09 (or n) when number of nodes > 10
      In scalability tests instance keeps track of old used nodes and when nodes > 10
      will pick by default sort "activity-0" which is NO longer an existing zope process.
      This is an ugly fix and real woraround is to have something like activities-000x schema by default
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