1. 12 Oct, 2011 9 commits
  2. 11 Oct, 2011 5 commits
  3. 10 Oct, 2011 3 commits
    • Łukasz Nowak's avatar
      Simplify and split a bit. · eff3f56d
      Łukasz Nowak authored
      Instead of doing analysis of passed dict, just accept payzen_dict, which will
      be blindly applied.
      Split to more methods, in order to have proper separation and being able to
      test critical parts.
    • Łukasz Nowak's avatar
      Move away integration site. · 1e275f82
      Łukasz Nowak authored
      How data will be corelated with service shall be implemented on caller level.
      Thanks to this no additional requirements are added.
    • Łukasz Nowak's avatar
      Implement navigate. · 4bcc3c50
      Łukasz Nowak authored
      Allow to pass page_template which will be run in context of temporary object
      with all required parameters.
      Delegate responsiblity of dynamic data preparation to caller, check only service
  4. 06 Oct, 2011 14 commits
  5. 05 Oct, 2011 6 commits
  6. 04 Oct, 2011 3 commits