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      testFunctionalCore: add missing dependency · b6eec549
      Romain Courteaud authored
      erp5_l10n_fa is needed to test the RTL direction.
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    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      [erp5_xhtml_style] Add right to left language display support · f136eef9
      Romain Courteaud authored
      This is activated only for erp5_l10n_fa by adding the language direction on the body element.
      Thanks to Ali Hallaji for the original work.
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      erp5_discussion: Get a clean original_container acquisition chain · 9e3f2c48
      Vincent Pelletier authored
      Otherwise, aq_chain looks like (note the Temporary Discussion Thread):
       <Discussion Post at /erp5/discussion_thread_module/1/2>,
       <Discussion Thread at /erp5/discussion_thread_module/1>,
       <Discussion Thread Module at /erp5/discussion_thread_module used for /erp5/web_site_module/km_test_web_site/forum/Thread-1-GAJgJcpBPJ>,
       <Temporary Discussion Thread at /erp5/web_site_module/km_test_web_site/forum/Thread-1-GAJgJcpBPJ>,
       <Web Section at /erp5/web_site_module/km_test_web_site/forum>,
       <Web Site at /erp5/web_site_module/km_test_web_site>,
       <Web Site Module at /erp5/web_site_module>,
       <ERP5Site at /erp5>,
       <Application at >,
       <ZPublisher.BaseRequest.RequestContainer object at 0x7f478aa18450>
      which can confuse a "parent" walk.
      Also, reuse existing code, related to asContext which is just what is
      needed here.
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      erp5_real_time_inventory_accounting: Move Root Delivery Simulation Rule to... · dc2565f0
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      erp5_real_time_inventory_accounting: Move Root Delivery Simulation Rule to test bt5 as it is only used in Unit Tests.
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      erp5_real_time_inventory_accounting: Matching on source_section is not enough... · 76e0789c
      Arnaud Fontaine authored
      erp5_real_time_inventory_accounting: Matching on source_section is not enough (Automatic Delivery Accept Solver).
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      erp5_core: vary module item list cache key according to absolute_url_path · 80fdcbd6
      Tristan Cavelier authored
      The getModuleItemList function should not cache absolute_url_path as it
      may vary according to where the script is called from. Here we generate
      the cache key to also vary according to the same condition as the module
      absolute_url_path results.
      _portal_url_  _________called_from_url_________ -> __portal_url_VirtualRootPhysicalPath___  ________module.absolute_url_path_______  _result_
      /erp5         /erp5/...                            /erp5                                    /erp5/my_module                          OK
      /erp5         /erp5/web_site_module/my_site/...    /erp5                                    /erp5/web_site_module/my_site/my_module  BAD
      /erp5/        /erp5/web_site_module/my_site/...    /erp5/web_site_module/my_site            /erp5/web_site_module/my_site/my_module  OK
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      CMFActivity: Use a random value for activity uids · e1549361
      Boxiang Sun authored
      Sequential number generators stored in a fixed-size format eventually run
      out of values. But activity queues only care about what activities are
      currently present: any uid can be reused as soon as it is available.
      So stop using a sequential id generator for activity uids, and instead use
      random values.
      Vincent Pelletier:
      - Commit message.
      - Minor formatting changes.
      - Do probability computations, and increase activity uid storage size to
        64bits integers, up from 32. Table schema migration happens on first
        activity node which starts on upgraded code.
      - Apply to SQLJobLib too.
    • Vincent Pelletier's avatar
      CMFActivity: Stop deleting duplicates during SQLDict.distribute · d0472bc2
      Vincent Pelletier authored
      Duplicate message detection is not good enough: different messages with
      the same unicity value may bear different serialization_tags. This code
      does not takes this into account, which can lead to deleting such tagged
      message and validate an untagged one, which breaks serialization_tag
      contract of preventing any further activity validation until execution
      of all such-tagged validated activities is successful.
      Also, it is not validation's node job to deduplicate: it can happen during
      message execution without slowing down this crucial (performance-wise)
      activity node.
      As a result, distribute methods of SQLDict and SQLQueue can be factorised.
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      EPR5Type: Drop unused import. · 3f26e402
      Vincent Pelletier authored
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