1. 15 Sep, 2021 1 commit
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      erp5_discussion: discover metadata synchronously of discussion thread's attachment · e08ace32
      Nicolas Wavrant authored
      When some types of files are attached to a forum thread, they may be
      subjected to a portal type migration. This is the case of CSV files, for exemple. What
      happens in that case, is that the document D1 is created with portal_type PT1, then
      discoverMetadata is called, which triggers a portal type migration. Then D1 is deleted, and
      recreated as D2 with portal type D2. The problem is that the migration happens after D1 was attached to
      the Discussion Post (in a different transaction), so the relation between both is broken.
  2. 10 Sep, 2021 3 commits
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  7. 16 Aug, 2021 1 commit
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      erp5_web_service: add also prefix when writing temporary file · 005273dd
      Nicolas Wavrant authored
      In practice, SFTP-based client processes often use a prefix based
      filter when retrieving files on the server.
      ie: there is one SFTP server between 2 systems, used for different
      exchanges. The SFTP client will do something like (found in the wild):
      process1(file_list=sftp.list(path, prefix='PROCESS_1'))
      process2(file_list=sftp.list(path, prefix='PROCESS_2'))
      Our implementation of temporary_file_on_write only sets a suffix,
      which doesn't work for the previous SFTP client. So let's add also a
      prefix when writing temporary files.
  8. 10 Aug, 2021 4 commits
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  12. 02 Aug, 2021 1 commit
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      odt_style: Fix hierarchy of ReportSection(title=) · 1e82948c
      Jérome Perrin authored
      When using report sections with title, this is supposed to create outline
      in PDF, but this seem to became broken somewhere in the last 10 years.
      This repair by using text:h instead of text:p and by setting
  13. 29 Jul, 2021 2 commits
  14. 28 Jul, 2021 8 commits
  15. 27 Jul, 2021 1 commit
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      core/mrp: make sure getAggregatedAmountList return amounts in order · 1c1ec0bc
      Jérome Perrin authored
      For some reports displaying transformations result to end users, it's much
      better to have amount ordered in the same order as the model lines.
      AmountGeneratorMixin was already sorting the lines, but the order was lost
      during aggregation, because we used a dict, which on python2 does not
      retain order. Switch to using an OrderedDict to keep the order.