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    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      simulation: introduce MovementGeneratorMixin._updateGeneratedMovementList · 93a0f39f
      Jérome Perrin authored
      This allows custom movement generators to set ad-hoc properties on
      generated movements depending on properties of the corresponding
      input movement.
      There was already _getUpdatePropertyDict which is similar, but was
      sometimes not enough because it can only be use to set extra
      properties on all movements.
      As a result, when we needed a rule with custom properties on
      generated movements, we resorted to overriding getGeneratedMovementList
      and duplicating the full logic of the method. Existing cases have
      been updated to use the new _updateGeneratedMovementList and in the
      case of InventoryAssetPriceAccountingRuleMovementGenerator we no
      longer need to duplicate the logic.
      Also remove the comment suggesting overriding getGeneratedMovementList
      in subclasses, now several "extension" methods exists, so it should
      not be needed to override getGeneratedMovementList, every needs
      should be coverred by defining _updateGeneratedMovementList or
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    • Xiaowu Zhang's avatar
      erp5_crm: new sale opportunity workflow · cc8740c6
      Xiaowu Zhang authored
      Draft: The first state when we create a new Sale Opportunity.
      Open: All information of the Sale Opportunity is entered such as prospect's contact email, questions, etc
      Suspended: We replied to prospect, waiting for their return.
      Closed: The Sale opportunity is either 1) accepted by prospect, turn into a Sale Order; or 2) Clearly rejected by prospect.
      Expired: No return/ news from prospect for some time.
      Deleted: in case added by mistake, so user can delete it
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    • Jérome Perrin's avatar
      *: reorganise indexation methods · 2bd1d4ed
      Jérome Perrin authored
      02011d8e (immediateReindexObject: use super user to reindex script,
      2015-12-14) did not apply for inventory, because they were overloading
      Introduce a new level, _immediateReindexObject that will hold the actual
      reindexing logic.
      Previously this method was using PortalContent.reindexObject which was
      monkey patched, to make things less complex and more future proof, move
      the monkey patch to a method on base class.
      This also drops alternateReindexObject on BalanceTransaction, because it
      is already defined in Inventory
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