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    • Business Path has beed splitted in 2 parts. A first part which is only used to c… · 21f40032
      …ontrol completation of trade phases and build process. A second part which is only used to define arrows, quantity shares and dates on amounts generated by amount generators. The first part is a predicate but no longer a Path (no arrow, no quantity, no delay, etc.). It is thus renamed to Business Link. The second part is a Path since it defines an Arrow, a quantity, a lead time, etc. It is thus renamed to Trade Model Path. 
      It is now time to review in detail all interfaces. In particular those interfaces on Business Link related to time management many no longer be needed since it is simpler to lookup simulation. However, time management must be handled at Business Process level as a helper method for rules which need to calculate dates based on Business Links and/or Trade Model Path.
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