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    • ZODB Components: Before migrating Interfaces from FS, there must be one… · 694c9fee
      ZODB Components: Before migrating Interfaces from FS, there must be one Interface class per source file matching its name.
      Same as Document class: this avoids registering Interfaces at startup and just do it
      when using the Interface. In assuming that portal_components/XXX has a class
      name equals to XXX.getRference(), it is easier to:
       * List all existing Interfaces (for example in Portal Type Class view): getReference()
         on all validated 'Interface Component' in portal_components.
       * Lookup for an 'Interface Component': 'from erp5.component.interfaces.XXX import XXX'.
      Arnaud Fontaine committed
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    • Update Cached Convertable interface · 9ffbfd64
      - The interface says that getConversionSize raises a KeyError when this cache
        does not exist. Update implementation accordingly.
      - update getConversion to always return a string for the data. The caller
        should not have to worry about the data format.
      - warn when an OFS.Image is passed to setConversion
      Jérome Perrin committed
  11. 03 Oct, 2012 1 commit
    • Simulation: splitted expand, performance improvements and bugfixes · 5c09e2e2
      All interactions and activity tags are reviewed to fix bugs like duplicated
      root applied rules, and also reduces the amount of duplicated/useless work, e.g:
      - Simulation trees are not expanded anymore when simulated objects are modified.
      - 'expand' activities are merged (i.e. dropped) with any other 'expand' activity
        for an ancestor.
      New implementation exposes new API that hides much complexity to the developper
      about activity dependencies.
      By default, expand() now automatically defers any work if the current
      transaction takes too long time. This method also gains a parameter to
      explicitely choose when to expand, which is often important in unit tests or
      solvers. In particular, when postponing work, it takes care of setting proper
      activity dependencies.
      - If you have any code requiring to expand everything immediately, you'll have
        to replace 'expand()' by 'expand(expand_policy="immediate")'.
      - On the contrary, you should replace any 'activate().expand()' by
      expand() still accepts activity parameters for any extra needs.
      In causality workflow, 'building' state is clarified and now means
      « delivery may diverge but we can't know now ». A delivery remains in draft
      as long as it does not contain any movement built from simulation.
      After init/clone/builder/etc. scripts used to call 'startBuilding' &
      'updateCausalityState': this calls must be removed since only
      SimulatedDeliveryBuilder should take care of move to 'building' state and
      workflows now triggers 'updateCausalityState'.
      Disguised interactions have been unhardcoded and either deleted, or moved to
      appropriate interaction workflows, which have been reorganized. Those
      that triggers update of portal_workflow can be easily customized or disabled.
      New API:
      - updateSimulation() on deliveries and subscription items. It takes care of
        creating root applied rule, expanding and reindexing parts of simulation
        trees. It somehow replaces:
        - Delivery_updateSimulation
        - Delivery_updateAppliedRule
        - Delivery.applyToDeliveryRelatedMovement
        - Delivery.updateAppliedRule
        - Delivery.expand
        - Delivery.expandRuleRelatedToMovement
        - SubscriptionItem.expand
        - SubscriptionItem.updateAppliedRule
      - Delivery.localBuild() is the new way to do local building and replaces
        Delivery_expandAndBuild. Private method Delivery._localBuild replaces
      - Simulation Movements that are being built by a builder are reindexed with
        the following tag: 'built:<delivery_path>'. Any after_path_and_method_id
        dependency against 'related_simulation_movement_path_list' and reindexing
        methods should be replaced by this after_tag.
      After builder scripts used to confirm the delivery in a separate activity,
      which was useless.
      Julien Muchembled committed
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    • Refactoring of DMS. · de2545fc
      - file_name become filename
      - filename values are not stored in source_reference
      Contribution Tool will not honour id arguments.
      Contribution Tool can create any kind of document.
      Portal Contribution Registry can read extention, content_type and read content_type from data
      to guess what will be the best Portal Type to use.
      All discoverable methods (IDiscoverable) can change the portal_type of document.
      User can change portal_type of document through UI with simple Action.
      Crawling will not hardcode ids of document depending of their URLs thanks to 
      Portal Url Registry
      git-svn-id: https://svn.erp5.org/repos/public/erp5/trunk@40971 20353a03-c40f-0410-a6d1-a30d3c3de9de
      Nicolas Delaby committed
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    • Review new amount generator · e2075796
      - Update API and interfaces
      - Make it possible to:
        - do non-linear calculation (via global type-based script)
          for every considered base_amount
          (i.e. not only for base_application of input movements).
          To avoid performance issue, the type-based script is changed to return
          functions instead of calculating results directly.
        - get accumulated values from movements while generating amounts for a
          delivery (i.e. for Amount Generator Lines targetting deliveries).
      - Produce amounts even if there is no resource, for reporting.
      - Drop probably useless create_line property: checking if there is a resource
        should be enough.
      - Prepare refactoring of MRP/Trade/Payroll by introducing AmountGeneratorLine
        class and property sheet.
      - Stop doing anything if there is no base_application on an AGL to avoid
        conflicts while figuring out if a movement was created manually or not.
      - Update some forms.
      - Update testTradeModelLine
      git-svn-id: https://svn.erp5.org/repos/public/erp5/sandbox/amount_generator@39028 20353a03-c40f-0410-a6d1-a30d3c3de9de
      Julien Muchembled committed
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