A Gantt gadget allows to display various types of schedules using Gantt diagrams

render a Gantt diagram
Generic timeline gadget. The purpose of this gadget is to provide an unique API for various gantt libraries Options supported are : { "$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-04/schema#", "description": "Parameters to generate a gantt", "properties": { "data_list": { "description": "the list of task to be displayed in timeline", "items": { "properties" : { "title": { "description": "The title of the task", "type": "string" }, "id": { "description": "an identifier for the task", "type": "string" }, "parent_id": { "description": "the identifier of the corresponding parent, this is optional for top level task", "type": "string" }, "start_date": { "description": "task starting date", "type": "string" }, "stop_date": { "description": "task end date", "type": "string" }, "background_color": { "description": "task color", "type": "string" }, "type": { "description": "type of task. project is for a task depending on subtast, milestone represent a milestone, and task is a standard task", "type": "string", "default": "task", "enum": ["task", "project", "milestone"] }, }, "additionalProperties": false, "type": "object", }, "type": "array", } }, "additionalProperties": false } Example of options: { data_list : [{'id': '1', 'title': 'Phase 1', 'start_date': '2017-03-01', 'stop_date': '2017-04-15', 'type': 'project'}, {'id': '1.1', 'parent_id': '1', 'title': 'Task A in Phase 1', 'start_date': '2017-03-01', 'stop_date': '2017-04-10', 'type': 'task'}, {'id': '1.2', 'parent_id': '1.1', 'title': 'Task B in Phase 1', 'start_date': '2017-04-01', 'stop_date': '2017-04-15', 'type': 'task'}, {'id': '2', 'title': 'Phase 2', 'start_date': '2017-04-15', 'stop_date': '2017-06-30', 'type': 'task'}] }