Commit 516a1f56 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

NXD lib/tasks/gitlab/check: Exit with non-zero code, if something failed in a check task

This is handy for monitoring tools, which could e.g. periodically call check
tasks and instead of parsing output, rely on exit code.

The way we detect if something failed is via hooking into String#red, and if
anything was ever printed in red - that's an error.
parent e47846ca
# if we ever print anything in red - that's an error
$check_failed = false
class String
alias_method :orig_red, :red
def red(*args)
$check_failed = true
namespace :gitlab do
desc "GitLab | Check the configuration of GitLab and its environment"
task check: %w{gitlab:gitlab_shell:check
......@@ -834,8 +844,9 @@ namespace :gitlab do
def finished_checking(component)
puts ""
puts "Checking #{component.yellow} ... #{"Finished".green}"
puts "Checking #{component.yellow} ... #{$check_failed ? "Failed".red : "OK".green}"
puts ""
exit 1 if $check_failed
def see_database_guide
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