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Replicate Storage
Work is in progress.
Replicates all data sent to the sub storages and synchronizes the sub storages
content in the background. The synchronization starts by doing an ``allDocs``
and tries to synchronize the touched documents as main priority, the documents
which needs to be synchronized after, and then the other documents.
The sub storages set in ``storage_list`` should return the same document id even
with the ``post`` method. We suggest to use the *GID Storage* on top of the sub
The ``cache_storage`` does not have to use the *GID* mechanism and is
optional. If set, *Replicate* will use it to store document which needs to be
synchronized (updated or deleted).
To synchronize a document in all sub storages, it will retrieve the document
``modified`` date metadata. The winner will be the document with the latest
date. If the other documents does not contain this metadata, then the winner
will be the one which has this property. If no document contains this date, the
winner will be the one retrieved by the first sub storages set in the
.. code-block:: javascript
type: 'replicate',
cache_storage: <optional sub storage description>
storage_list: [
<sub storage description>,
**No unit tests are provided yet.**
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