1. 24 Aug, 2017 2 commits
  2. 21 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • Alain Takoudjou's avatar
      Add webhttp and replicatedopmltree storage · a5515a0a
      Alain Takoudjou authored
      webhttp storage can get json documents by calling http GET method. for jio allDocs,
      the storage will get a file called _document_list which should contain the list
      of document id that can be downloaded.
      replicatedopmltree storage can convert a list of opml storage (each opml can contain
      one or more sub_storage) into an indexeddb. All document in opml tree will have an
      entry into the indexeddb storage, the full document is added as attachment in the
  3. 16 May, 2017 1 commit
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  7. 27 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • Romain Courteaud's avatar
      ReplicateStorage: add attachment support · d83a1306
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Attachments are synchronized only of explicitely activated from the jIO configuration.
      Replication deletes a document only if it doesn't contain any attachment.
      Thanks to Cedric Leninivin for his work on this topic.
      /reviewed-on !42
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  11. 28 Oct, 2016 1 commit
  12. 25 Jul, 2016 1 commit
  13. 21 Jul, 2016 2 commits
  14. 27 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • Douglas's avatar
      jiodate: fixes tests in older firefox versions · fcb5c804
      Douglas authored
      Tests were failing because some Firefox versions cannot
      parse a specific date-string. So the Date constructor
      that receives only integers was used. But there is one
      details: this contructor uses months from 0 to 11, so if,
      for example, we want to have a date in January, we send 0
      as month and not 1.
  15. 23 Jun, 2016 3 commits
  16. 22 Jun, 2016 3 commits
  17. 15 Jun, 2016 1 commit
  18. 11 May, 2016 1 commit
    • Douglas's avatar
      jiodate: fixes timezone related test issues · ac34b9ef
      Douglas authored
      All time objects now are handled as local time, doesn’t the test runner
      timezone. Also all queries tests that once used the native Date are now
      using JIODate.
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  20. 08 Apr, 2016 1 commit
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  26. 18 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • iv's avatar
      DavStorage: add 'with_credentials' option to send domain cookie · 168b7c44
      iv authored
      This option is false by default to prevent any Cross Origin issue unsupported by most webdav servers
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 1591f5e199f91abca92ba3bb46ee3aa356c976fc
      Author: Romain Courteaud <romain@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Fri Dec 18 15:56:42 2015 +0100
          DavStorage: rename _withcredentials parameter to with_credentials
          Add tests.
          Update documentation.
      commit 33b2113ca5ac42b015264f12776326d848320022
      Author: Isabelle Vallet <isabelle.vallet@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Wed Dec 16 06:22:08 2015 -0800
          DAV storage: add option for cross-origin cookie propagation.
  27. 10 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • lucas.parsy's avatar
      WebSQLStorage: add a new WebSQL storage · 0a7b8a91
      lucas.parsy authored
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 6fc5b5bd01796efd32905f7d62516ddbba7acef7
      Author: Romain Courteaud <romain@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Thu Dec 10 18:32:14 2015 +0100
          Cleanup rebase
      commit 62e5e10d84caf9659dd32bfc71f03b7622aea5e2
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Thu Dec 10 17:31:49 2015 +0100
          added scenario for webSQL storage
      commit 3aae5518b87005a236dec2b3542c0cdcc9907029
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Thu Dec 10 15:44:40 2015 +0100
          removed useless table in websqlstorage
          added indexes to increase queries speed.
      commit 4072ea01a4bc7bd46ca611b7bf9dbf63d591c049
      Author: Romain Courteaud <romain@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Wed Dec 9 17:34:35 2015 +0100
          WebSQLStorage: do not sort results
      commit 6d30b4bf011e6e8389a70ff185c9a739a7a2b196
      Author: Romain Courteaud <romain@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Wed Dec 9 17:25:23 2015 +0100
          WebSQLStorage: naming convention
      commit 0928b105f756301eaaaf7ccae08c54c798a438fe
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Wed Dec 9 11:09:01 2015 +0100
          various fixes in websqlstorage.
          added error callback on db.transaction.
          refactored sqlExec to do multiples queries in one transaction.
          refactored database initialisation.
          removed index functionality from websql.
          modified tests to follow above changes.
      commit 00bd1cd2c5b19583bab0a74f7bcc86a59c97d3fb
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Wed Dec 2 13:24:41 2015 +0100
          corrected bugs in websqlstorage breaking rsvp queues.
          added sinon spy tests in websqlstorage test file.
      commit ccb2702df2fec1bd6eddca3cc2a8bbc9c8734749
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Mon Nov 30 12:15:43 2015 +0100
          deleted test modifications done to Gruntfile, Makefile and tests.html files.
      commit 344720f32f4ba7e9168cf68f43400bc56ea8c988
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Mon Nov 30 11:41:04 2015 +0100
          added allDocs method in websqlStorage
          added tests for Websqlstorage and refactored some tests.
      commit 2211a28605aedfb0683da5b3ea08f1cba47dc869
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Mon Nov 23 16:29:36 2015 +0100
          first commit websql
          websql storage operational, lacks allDocs and query support
          half of the tests written.
          error handling to improve.
  28. 04 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • lucas.parsy's avatar
      GdriveStorage: add a new google drive storage · d005d845
      lucas.parsy authored
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 2283732c2e3649d66c3b83f00ac2a9d846f50a35
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Fri Dec 4 11:02:50 2015 +0100
          modified gdrivestorage's allDocs to return only the documents ids.
          modified gdrivestorage test file to fit the above changes.
          refactored an URI template in gdrivestorage.
      commit eaf750820f349ff1add6ef5172779a119dc06597
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Fri Nov 27 17:16:16 2015 +0100
          added allAttachments method to gdriveStorage with tests.
          corrected bug in get method returning a string instead of an object.
      commit 212e4d6b41382c9d8ad2aaa9743671850eac245d
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Fri Nov 27 15:49:05 2015 +0100
          various fixes on gdriveStorage and his tests.
          removed the removeAttachment method as it was useless.
          removed error catching when user was doing request with invalid credentials.
          throw error when doing a putAttachment on a folder.
          changed varaiables names in test file to respect naming convention.
          added/ removed tests following the changes on gdriveStorage file.
          added tests verifying that the user can only put "enclosure"
          as attachment name in putAttachment and getAttachment.
      commit 5150c9420e30ab7869c4d4c2cedd5eddeb1e52de
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Tue Nov 24 11:01:33 2015 +0100
          followed naming convention in gdrivestorage test file.
          post and put method now return the id of the docment they created/modified.
          corrected bug in getAttachment allowing the method to pass the test,
          but not to work on real utilisation.
      commit 0195dc37eeac4ae8f009f483e566180c81c857b1
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Tue Nov 3 16:44:20 2015 +0100
          added test for gdrivestorage for allDocs() method
          when method needs to do multiple calls to google Drive API.
          added gdrivestorage.tests.js to tests.html file.
      commit 204acb98616267a5598b099f8375c3fe38d4e268
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Fri Oct 30 12:27:49 2015 +0100
          refactored gdrivestorage.js
          Improved gdrive allDocs test to check return value.
      commit 23f6ec71de45d161c36ca148d5fa53d475a51d89
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Thu Oct 29 14:21:36 2015 +0100
          corrected 2 jslint errors in gdrivestorage test file
      commit b472700451e72659fecfacd07305cddb48ece323
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Thu Oct 29 13:40:08 2015 +0100
          completed google drive storage and added test file
      commit 841a5fb5d2388cd822ed53dec1984b0aafb3accd
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Mon Oct 19 16:12:56 2015 +0200
          changed names of variables and checked user input in putAttachment method
      commit 991cd0a70ce3a9da61c724f6bf50336684776535
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Fri Sep 25 15:31:57 2015 +0200
          refactoring of gdrivestorage.js
          various conditions optimized
          added compliance with future tests.
          added error message when giving non-boolean value
          for "trashed" value at creation of gdrive storage.
      commit 8d82e3e51634d774685bc39c804a9a383dc46cad
      Author: Lucas Parsy <lucas.parsy@nexedi.com>
      Date:   Thu Sep 24 17:33:00 2015 +0200
          added google drive storage to jio (tests to be done)
  29. 02 Dec, 2015 1 commit
  30. 30 Nov, 2015 1 commit