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Although NEO is considered ready for production use in most cases, there are
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a few bugs to know because they concern basic features of ZODB (marked with Z),
or promised features of NEO (marked with N).
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All the listed bugs will be fixed with high priority.

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(N) A backup cell may be wrongly marked as corrupted while checking replicas
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This happens in the following conditions:

1. a backup cluster starts to check replicas whereas a cell is outdated
2. this cell becomes updated, but only up to a tid smaller than the max tid
   to check (this can't happen for a non-backup cluster)
3. the cluster actually starts to check the related partition
4. the cell is checked completely before it could replicate up to the max tid
   to check

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Sometimes, it causes the master to crash::

    File "neo/lib/", line 72, in dispatch
      method(conn, *args, **kw)
    File "neo/master/handlers/", line 93, in notifyReplicationDone
      cell_list = app.backup_app.notifyReplicationDone(node, offset, tid)
    File "neo/master/", line 337, in notifyReplicationDone
      assert cell.isReadable()

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Workaround: make sure all cells are up-to-date before checking replicas.

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Found by running testBackupNodeLost many times:

- either a failureException: 12 != 11
- or the above assert failure, in which case the unit test freezes