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Update TODO

parent df990a05
......@@ -58,6 +58,11 @@
committed by future transactions.
- Add a 'devid' storage configuration so that master do not distribute
replicated partitions on storages with same 'devid'.
- Fix race conditions between client-to-storage operations and moved
partitions. Currently, reads succeed because feeding nodes don't delete
anything while the cluster is operational, for performance reasons:
deletion of dropped partitions must be reimplemented in a scalable way.
- Use libmysqld instead of a stand-alone MySQL server.
......@@ -74,8 +79,6 @@
to remove duplicates and remove logic from handlers (CODE)
- Consider insert multiple objects at time in the database, with taking care
of maximum SQL request size allowed. (SPEED)
- Prevent from SQL injection, escape() from MySQLdb api is not sufficient,
consider using query(request, args) instead of query(request % args)
- Make listening address and port optionnal, and if they are not provided
listen on all interfaces on any available port.
- Make replication speed configurable (HIGH AVAILABILITY)
......@@ -151,7 +154,6 @@
- Decentralize primary master tasks as much as possible (consider
distributed lock mechanisms, ...)
- Choose how to compute the storage size
- Make storage check if the OID match with it's partitions during a store
- Investigate delta compression for stored data
Idea would be to have a few most recent revisions being stored fully, and
older revision delta-compressed, in order to save space.
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