Commit 23b9544d authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Remove dead code found by coverage

parent 1e4a4178
Pipeline #3995 skipped
......@@ -281,8 +281,8 @@ class NodeManager(object):
self._address_dict.pop(node.getAddress(), None)
# - a master known by address but without UUID
self._uuid_dict.pop(node.getUUID(), None)
self.__dropSet(self._state_dict, node.getState(), node)
self.__dropSet(self._type_dict, node.getType(), node)
uuid = node.getUUID()
if node.isMaster() and self._master_db is not None:
......@@ -305,10 +305,6 @@ class NodeManager(object):
def _updateUUID(self, node, old_uuid):
self.__update(self._uuid_dict, old_uuid, node.getUUID(), node)
def __dropSet(self, set_dict, key, node):
if key in set_dict:
def __updateSet(self, set_dict, old_key, new_key, node):
""" Update a set index from old to new key """
if old_key in set_dict:
......@@ -57,9 +57,6 @@ def _ask(self, conn, packet, handler=None, **kw):
handler.dispatch(conn, conn.fakeReceived())
return self.getHandlerData()
def resolving_tryToResolveConflict(oid, conflict_serial, serial, data):
return data
def failing_tryToResolveConflict(oid, conflict_serial, serial, data):
raise ConflictError
......@@ -85,10 +82,8 @@ class ClientApplicationTests(NeoUnitTestBase):
# some helpers
def _begin(self, app, txn, tid=None):
def _begin(self, app, txn, tid):
txn_context =
if tid is None:
tid = self.makeTID()
txn_context['ttid'] = tid
return txn_context
......@@ -315,7 +310,7 @@ class ClientApplicationTests(NeoUnitTestBase):, tid, 'DATA', None, txn)
txn_context['queue'].put((conn, packet, {}))
app.waitStoreResponses(txn_context, resolving_tryToResolveConflict)
app.waitStoreResponses(txn_context, None) # no conflict in this test
{tid: {uuid}})
self.assertEqual(txn_context['cache_dict'][oid], 'DATA')
......@@ -541,13 +536,9 @@ class ClientApplicationTests(NeoUnitTestBase):
conn.ask = lambda p, queue=None, **kw: \
type(p) is Packets.AskObjectUndoSerial and \
queue.put((conn, undo_serial, kw))
def tryToResolveConflict(oid, conflict_serial, serial, data,
raise Exception, 'Test called conflict resolution, but there ' \
'is no conflict in this test !'
# The undo
txn = self.beginTransaction(app, tid=tid3)
app.undo(tid1, txn, tryToResolveConflict)
app.undo(tid1, txn, None) # no conflict resolution in this test
# Checking what happened
moid, mserial, mdata, mdata_serial = store_marker[0]
self.assertEqual(moid, oid0)
......@@ -258,23 +258,12 @@ class MasterServerElectionTests(MasterClientElectionTestBase):
self.assertEqual(node.getUUID(), new_uuid)
self.assertNotEqual(node.getUUID(), uuid)
def _getNodeList(self):
return [x.asTuple() for x in]
def __getClient(self):
uuid = self.getClientUUID()
conn = self.getFakeConnection(uuid=uuid, address=self.client_address), address=self.client_address)
return conn
def __getMaster(self, port=1000, register=True):
uuid = self.getMasterUUID()
address = ('', port)
conn = self.getFakeConnection(uuid=uuid, address=address)
if register:, address=address)
return conn
def testRequestIdentification1(self):
""" Check with a non-master node, must be refused """
conn = self.__getClient()
......@@ -56,6 +56,10 @@ class MasterRecoveryTests(NeoUnitTestBase):
# Tests
def test_10_answerPartitionTable(self):
# XXX: This test does much less that it seems, because all 'for' loops
# iterate over empty lists. Currently, only testRecovery covers
# some paths in NodeManager._createNode: apart from that, we could
# delete it entirely.
recovery = self.recovery
uuid = self.identifyToMasterNode(NodeTypes.MASTER, port=self.master_port)
# not from target node, ignore
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ class testTransactionManager(NeoUnitTestBase):
storage_2_uuid = self.getStorageUUID()
oid_list = [self.makeOID(1), ]
tm = TransactionManager(lambda tid, txn: None)
tm = TransactionManager(None)
# Transaction 1: 2 storage nodes involved, one will die and the other
# already answered node lock
msg_id_1 = 1
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ class testTransactionManager(NeoUnitTestBase):
Note: this implementation might change later, for more parallelism.
client_uuid, client = self.makeNode(NodeTypes.CLIENT)
tm = TransactionManager(lambda tid, txn: None)
tm = TransactionManager(None)
# With a requested TID, lock spans from begin to remove
ttid1 = self.getNextTID()
ttid2 = self.getNextTID()
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ class testTransactionManager(NeoUnitTestBase):
def testClientDisconectsAfterBegin(self):
client_uuid1, node1 = self.makeNode(NodeTypes.CLIENT)
tm = TransactionManager(lambda tid, txn: None)
tm = TransactionManager(None)
tid1 = self.getNextTID()
tid2 = self.getNextTID()
tm.begin(node1, tid1)
......@@ -14,13 +14,14 @@
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
import shutil
import unittest
from mock import Mock
from neo.lib.protocol import NodeTypes, NodeStates
from neo.lib.node import Node, MasterDB
from . import NeoUnitTestBase, getTempDirectory
from time import time
from os import chmod, mkdir, rmdir, unlink
from os import chmod, mkdir, rmdir
from os.path import join, exists
class NodesTests(NeoUnitTestBase):
......@@ -182,12 +183,6 @@ class NodeManagerTests(NeoUnitTestBase):
self.assertEqual(self.admin.getState(), NodeStates.UNKNOWN)
class MasterDBTests(NeoUnitTestBase):
def _checkMasterDB(self, path, expected_master_list):
db = list(MasterDB(path))
db_set = set(db)
# Generic sanity check
self.assertEqual(len(db), len(db_set))
self.assertEqual(db_set, set(expected_master_list))
def testInitialAccessRights(self):
......@@ -227,9 +222,7 @@ class MasterDBTests(NeoUnitTestBase):
db2 = MasterDB(db_file)
self.assertFalse(address in db2, [x for x in db2])
if exists(db_file):
def testPersistence(self):
temp_dir = getTempDirectory()
......@@ -253,9 +246,7 @@ class MasterDBTests(NeoUnitTestBase):
self.assertFalse(address in db3, [x for x in db3])
self.assertTrue(address2 in db3, [x for x in db3])
if exists(db_file):
if __name__ == '__main__':
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