Commit 2a3392eb authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

importer: merge all inserts to 'obj' into a single request per transaction

parent cd33de9f
......@@ -358,11 +358,14 @@ class ImporterDatabaseManager(DatabaseManager):
tid = None
def finish():
if tid:
self.storeTransaction(tid, (), (oid_list,
self.storeTransaction(tid, object_list, (
(x[0] for x in object_list),
str(txn.user), str(txn.description),
cPickle.dumps(txn.extension), False, tid), False)
logging.debug("TXN %s imported (user=%r, desc=%r, len(oid)=%s)",
util.dump(tid), txn.user, txn.description, len(oid_list))
util.dump(tid), txn.user, txn.description, len(object_list))
del object_list[:], data_id_list[:]
if self._last_commit + 1 < time.time():
self.zodb_tid = u64(tid)
......@@ -371,6 +374,8 @@ class ImporterDatabaseManager(DatabaseManager):
compress = None
compression = 0
object_list = []
data_id_list = []
while zodb_list:
z = zodb_list[0]
......@@ -378,7 +383,6 @@ class ImporterDatabaseManager(DatabaseManager):
# user/desc/ext from first ZODB are kept.
if tid != z.tid:
oid_list = []
txn = z.transaction
tid = txn.tid
yield 1
......@@ -396,14 +400,16 @@ class ImporterDatabaseManager(DatabaseManager):
if compression:
data = compressed_data
checksum = util.makeChecksum(data)
data_id = self.storeData(util.makeChecksum(data), data,
# Write metadata before next yield. This may not be efficient
# but if they were written at the same time as the transaction,
# _pruneData could delete imported but not yet referenced data.
self.storeTransaction(tid, ((oid, data_id, data_tid),), (),
data_id = self.holdData(util.makeChecksum(data), data,
object_list.append((oid, data_id, data_tid))
# Give the main loop the opportunity to process requests
# from other nodes. In particular, clients may commit. If the
# storage node exits after such commit, and before we actually
# update 'obj' with 'object_list', some rows in 'data' may be
# unreferenced. This is not a problem because the leak is
# solved when resuming the migration.
yield 1
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