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Neo test coverage documentation

We add this doc file to explain how to check the progressing of neo
test suite(unit tests) and to know how to control which neo parts
had been tested and which had not.

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In order to check the test-coverage of Neo, we used the figleaf tool. The usage
(for a complete neo test suite) is :
Download and install figleaf :
$ figleaf neotestrunner -u (it will generate a .figleaf file)
$figleaf2html .figleaf (to convert .figleaf file in html pages)
$firefox html/ (to read the results)
Each one of the page contains Neo code, which the following colours :
Green : Executed code during test suite
Red : Unexecuted code
Black : Comments and "unused" lines
In order to check only needed neo file, you should specify the following options:
figleaf -i : ignore python libraries
figleaf2html -f : allows to specify a list of check-needed files
For stats, you can also check the index.html page, which indicated which
percentage of test-coverage.
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